Hi – I’m Shaun

I’m a freelance web designer based in South Warwickshire. I’m probably best described as a husband, father, part-time DJ, occasional runner and full-time WordPress nerd.

“I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself too seriously.” – Alan Rickman

You probably don’t want my life story…

Yes, I play in a band. Yes, I make websites for a living. Yes, I want to help you realise your online potential. Is it going to change your life? I hope so! But it’s just as important that working with me is as enjoyable as it is productive. I love meeting new clients and getting to know them. Anyway, I guess you’re reading this because you need a website, so I’ll try and keep it relevant!

A dedicated designer working one-to-one

I made my first website in 2009. Three years and several more sites later, it occurred to me that I could, and probably should, be making a living from it. (I’m not always that slow on the uptake.) I’ve always loved messing with computers, going right back to the days of writing my own (laughably basic) games on my trusty ZX Spectrum. (48K, in case you were wondering.) Things have come on a bit since then…

What I provide

In short, a unique website that has been designed specifically for you. I don’t make websites to set templates, and there are no limitations in terms of design. I use WordPress to build my sites, and I specialise in helping people get to grips with uploading and editing their own content. And I’m only a phone call or email away if you ever need a little help!

How it all works…

Naturally, a major consideration for anyone looking to hire a web designer is cost. It can be difficult, at the very beginning of a project, to precisely determine how much time is going to be needed to see it through to completion. That’s why our first meeting or conversation is key. I have a refined process we will follow to find out exactly what’s required for your website. After that, I’ll send you a quote for the total work. I understand that in the real world, things can crop up that might mean we have to alter our plans. That’s no problem – I offer flexibility and peace of mind that we’re working together. Occasionally it may make more sense for me to work a day rate, for example if I’m helping with something specific on an existing site.

I believe the absolute best way for a client to approach a project is to have in mind a budget right from the off. It’s far easier for a designer to work back from that, and results in a more meaningful conversation about what can be achieved.

Keep you in the loop

Building a website is a collaborative process. I can develop sites in a live hosting environment, meaning that you can see what I’m doing and we can talk about the progress. I won’t just disappear for three weeks and then say ‘there’s your website!’. The idea is that we cross the finish line together, having tweaked and refined things along the way.

What I don’t do

“Ball-park” estimates. Gah. The bane of any small business! I don’t give ball-park estimates. I’m perfectly happy to bore you with the reasons why over a coffee, but in a nutshell they are not useful for anyone. A common misconception about web design is that ‘x’ number of pages equates to ‘y’ number of pounds. The truth is it comes down to design and functionality. I’ve worked on simple sites with many pages that all followed a certain template, and have been large but fairly straightfoward. I’ve also worked on smaller sites that have been much more detailed in terms of design, and therefore take longer to complete. Better that we discuss your specific requirments and go from there, that way there are no misunderstandings further down the line!

Work with me

My availability can change at the drop of a hat depending on the work I’m doing, but I am always keen to speak to potential clients regardless of whether you’re months away from needing a website or need something up in a hurry!

Get in touch

Just one more thing…

You’ve made it this far, so you might as well have a listen to the band! We’re a six-piece funk band called The Payback. We play gigs right across the local area, so give me a shout if you like what you hear!